SEACAP 4SDG: Join our Living Lab on sustainable buildings across the Mediterranean

SEACAP 4SDG: Join our Living Lab on sustainable buildings across the Mediterranean

23 June, 2022

One of the main objectives of Med-EcoSuRe project is to establish a Living Lab to create an international network of people with knowledge and know-how on eco-sustainable solutions related to the renovations of public buildings in the Mediterranean region, and to introduce innovative socio-economic tools, with the creation of novel user-oriented solutions, and financial mechanisms.

The SEACAP 4SDG Living Lab’s philosophy is to turn users, from subjects testing modules against requirements, into value creators contributing to the exploration of emerging ideas, breakthrough scenarios and innovative concepts.

The project team is establishing a database of potential stakeholders, and has launched an Expression of Interest to identify their involvement in the Living Lab activities, according to their field of expertise and interests. 

If you are interested to learn more about the project Living Lab and join the community, you are welcome to fill out the SURVEY

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