MEDREC joins Interreg MED’s initiative: Ecosystemic Transition Unit

MEDREC joins Interreg MED’s initiative: Ecosystemic Transition Unit

1 June, 2021

The Interreg Med Renewable Energy Community selected a project proposal developed by MEDREC and DG/ACTA (Direction Generable de l’Aménagement et la Conservation des Terres Agricoles ) as a special case in the framework of the ETU initiative flagship call.

The project proposal titled  “Application of the ETU model for Renewable Energy Access and Rural development in vulneRable Remote areas in northern TUNisia” aims for the application of the ETU toolbox as complementary tool to further enhance the rural development scheme elaborated for the Ghezela municipality in the framework of an ongoing national project on natural resource management and climate change adaptation. This will mainly allow the identification of optimal technological solutions and management strategies based on specific conditions and needs of the selected area. Application of the ETU model will also reveal the potential for renewable energy solutions as catalyst for local green jobs creation.

Adopting solutions identified through the ETU toolbox could later lead to the creation of new economic activities while improving livelihood of local communities and promoting clean energy transition.

For more info on the ETU initiative:

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