Med-EcoSuRe promotes Plaster as a construction material to improve buildings efficiency

Med-EcoSuRe promotes Plaster as a construction material to improve buildings efficiency

1 April, 2021

On March 31 2021, the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) together with the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC) co-organized an info and demonstration day on the “use of plaster in buildings” in collaboration with the German technical cooperation agency - GIZ Tunisia, which manages the project "Regional Economic Development, Innovation and Employment - Plaster Value Chain". 

The aim of the event was to introduce, to the decision makers and energy managers within the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and universities in Tunisia, the plaster as a construction material for renovation in university buildings. In fact, plastering (covering walls with plaster) is very effective in insulating the building walls and so in minimizing the amount of heat losses which result in notable savings in the energy bills.

“ 30% of the universities budget is dedicate to the electricity bills; hence the importance of projects such as Med-EcoSuRe which proposes renovation strategies enabling to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings. “

                                                                           Chiheb Bouden, Professor at the National Engineering School of Tunis.

Tunisian companies, specialized in Plaster work, were invited to share statistics on the plaster market in Tunisia, and present the plaster characteristics and techniques of plastering in different application areas. The companies provided also a detailed application guides for plaster-based coatings.

During the event, a demonstration of applying plaster on walls was performed by the local Tunisian companies. You can watch the demonstration video here

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