Med-EcoSuRe outlines the participatory approach for university building renovation at an international seminar

Med-EcoSuRe outlines the participatory approach for university building renovation at an international seminar

21 October, 2022

Sustainable Med Cities project organized a seminar as a Mid-Term Conference of the project in the framework of the SBE Series (Sustainable Built Environment Conference Series), in Sousse (Tunisia) on 19th October 2022.

This mid-term SBE Seminar is considered as a key event for Sustainable MED Cities project, that enables to share results of ongoing projects with a focus on people-to-people approach and to explore the possibilities of creating synergies.

Med-EcoSuRe project was invited to take part in this seminar, which gathered local authorities, professors and students, to share the innovative approach proposed for the renovation process of university buildings in the Mediterranean, and which can be capitalized on in the framework of Sustainable Med Cities project.

University buildings are witnesses to the different generations of students, some of whom will be the decision makers of the future - Ines Khalifa, Coordinator of Med-EcoSuRe

The participatory approach set up by the project in the framework of a Living Lab was presented, and which has as aim to turn university managers into active players, contributing to the co-creation and experimentation of emerging ideas, implementing different scenarios and innovative concepts.

In the framework of this Living Lab, Trainings, courses and capacity building sessions were conducted for the benefit of engineers, energy managers and students within universities across the Mediterranean to learn how to make use of the tools proposed by Med-EcoSuRe to efficiently design and plan a renovation process within universities, and to explore the perception of the occupants about aspects of academic buildings that affect their wellbeing.

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