Med-EcoSuRe in Beyond All Limits conference: Accelerating the digital green transition in the building sector

Med-EcoSuRe in Beyond All Limits conference: Accelerating the digital green transition in the building sector

16 May, 2022

On May 11th 2022, University of Campania, and University of Florence, partners of Med-EcoSuRe participated in the second edition of the international conference Beyond All Limits, while presenting two scientific research papers elaborated jointly with all the project partners.

The conference aims to addressing the issue of sustainability by including it in the current international debate marked by the multifaceted response to the pandemic. For this reason, the scientific and multidisciplinary scope of the conference, covering the fields of architecture, planning, design, energy efficiency, new building technologies, management, building engineering and sustainability, has been designed according to the New European Bauhaus initiative (Agenda).

The first paper presented is entitled Digital-green transition of knowledge buildings and it outlines the innovative process proposed for the rehabilitation of the higher educational buildings in the Mediterranean. The process includes the energy audits performed, the decision supporting tools developed to certify energy and environmental quality, and the specific collaborative approaches applied to involve several stakeholders in the framework of a Living Laboratory which is the object of the second paper presented during the conference “University communities for the green/digital renovation of buildings".

The Cross-border Living Lab established is an international network of excellence, implemented by the project partners in collaboration with the university community principally, and managed through an online platform. It brings together the several Local LLs/ pilot university buildings in a common and integrated space, harmonized by common methodologies and tools, to collaboratively develop innovation towards eco-sustainable energy renovation solutions for higher education institutions, within the specific climatic and cultural conditions of the Mediterranean area.

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