Signature of the contract with the winning group of the MEDREC call for tenders N°01/2019

Signature of the contract with the winning group of the MEDREC call for tenders N°01/2019

15 February, 2021

The coordinator of the Tunisian-Italian group "SATER SOLAR SA", awarded with the above-mentioned call for tender, was invited to MEDREC for the official reception of the "letter of notification of the contract" and the attached file for its registration. 

The purpose of this call for tenders was "the realization of a photovoltaic system of 500 kWp at the pumping station of SONEDE located in Chott El Fejij (governorate of Gabes)" and it is part of the REFAT project "Renewable Energies for Agricultural and Rural Development in Tunisia" which is led by MEDREC.

Contributing to national efforts to reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels and to international efforts to mitigate greenhouse gases (GHG), this eventual photovoltaic system aims to reduce the energy consumption of the water pumping station by about 20% and subsequently avoid emission of 856 kilo tons of CO2.

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