Med-EcoSuRe presents a Micro-Grid pilot as a platform for education, research and training in an international seminar

Med-EcoSuRe presents a Micro-Grid pilot as a platform for education, research and training in an international seminar

5 October, 2022

On November 10th 2021, The national Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) and the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC), took part in a seminar on L’eau, l’énergie et l’électrification dans les pays en développement” organized by La Conférence Internationale des Formations d’Ingénieurs et de Techniciens d’Expression Française (CITEF), and réseau institutionnel « Sciences de l’Ingénieur» de l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

The seminar is a hub to build a common knowledge which should lead to significant actions that CITEF could possibly support. In this context, ENIT and MEDREC team participated in a session on electrification to present “SMARTNESS micro-grid platform: The energy empowerment of communities through training and capacity building”.

During the intervention, was highlighted that the pilot micro-grid is a platform that serves for Education, Research and Training through:

  • Preparing future engineers  for professional practices through practical workshops;
  • Developing research activities that can be validated experimentally, within the framework of master and doctoral theses projects;
  • Designing and conducting a training and capacity building programme, for socio-economic operators, to be able to face technological challenges in a rapidly evolving field.

As a first action, the team of ENIT established a Micro-Grid platform which provides an environment for demonstration, training and research, targeting national actors in the field of energy, including STEG (The Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas).


Check here below

The intervention presentation

The abstract submitted

The programme of the seminar


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