Med-EcoSuRe paves the path to Net Zero Carbon Buildings in Palestine

Med-EcoSuRe paves the path to Net Zero Carbon Buildings in Palestine

20 September, 2023

Watch the video below showcasing the notable achievements of An Najah National University, partner of Med-EcoSuRe from Palestine, based on an innovative process for building energy renovation (including the implementation of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency innovative technologies, training and capacity building and the development of action plans) which led to 381 MWh of energy generated per year, around 371 tCO2 avoided, and 127,5 k€ of saving.

The project is among many initiatives that support the University Climate Action Commitment and Sustainability Plan aiming to reduce global warming emissions in everyday campus operations. Furthermore, the technologies implemented and action plans developed  foster the transfer of knowledge and technology as a proof of concept for new innovative products and services. The results may be replicable in other urban and social contexts.

This project is an integral part of the University’s goals of achieving net Zero value on the electricity bill and net zero carbon emissions, and of a commitment to be a national model for campus sustainability.

The video is available HERE

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