Med-EcoSuRe participates in “Address common challenges in environment” webinar

Med-EcoSuRe participates in “Address common challenges in environment” webinar

19 June, 2020

On 18th June 2020, ANEA and the Department of Architecture of University of Florence, partners of Med-EcoSuRe,  participated to a webinar organized by the Italian National Contact Point (in collaboration with Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to present the main objectives and expected results of Med-EcoSure project.

The event, addressed to all Italian partners involved in ENI and ENPI CBCMED funded projects, aimed at sharing experiences, creating networks and identifying  good practices to be capitalized within the capitalisation call for proposalz launched by ENI CBC MED Programme.

Within the general objective “Address common challenges in the environment”, 10 financed projects were presented by the involved Italian partners. In this context,  Med-EcoSure partners gave a general overview on the partnership, main objectives and activities, followed by a description of  the approach of the Living Lab, identified as the most interesting good pratice of the project.

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