Med-EcoSuRe is extending the concept of high-performance buildings to existing dwellings

Med-EcoSuRe is extending the concept of high-performance buildings to existing dwellings

23 October, 2023

The team of University of Seville, along with a researcher from University of Naples Federico II, partners of Med-EcoSuRe, published a scientific paper focusing on defining the optimal renovation package for six residential building models covering 90% of southern Europe climates.

Three methodologies were employed for optimal selection: a conventional cost-optimal approach, a method considering the impact of internal insulation on the building floor loss, and a CO2eq emissions approach based.

The findings reveal that, on average, the primary energy demand of existing buildings can be reduced by 57%, with potential savings reaching up to 75% for a cost-optimal approach. Internal insulation significantly has a significant impact on floor loss costs, accounting for up to 60% of a building’s life cycle cost, where the property value plays a significant role in the choice of insulation material, especially when considering the same thermal resistance

The findings of this research will provide valuable insights for regulatory authorities in their future review of building renovation programs, particularly in the definition of renovation packages suitable for each building typology and climate zone.

The scientific paper is available HERE

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