Med-EcoSuRe delivering more sustainable and efficient buildings in Tunisia

Med-EcoSuRe delivering more sustainable and efficient buildings in Tunisia

24 November, 2023

Watch the video below illustrating the pilot renovation actions implemented at the National Engineering School of Tunis, where a Living Lab has been activated to innovate the renovation process of Mediterranean public buildings.

The interventions include:

  • Two micro-grid systems designed to generate and efficiently manage energy within university buildings, leveraging renewable energy resources to drive sustainable energy practices.
  • Energy efficiency improvement of the Administration Buildings
  • Renovation of the Solar Lab: Double glazing, Thermal insulation in the roof,  Led lighting, Solar shading
  • Implementation of PV generation and distribution installation.
  • Electrification and replacement of old cooling and heating devices with high performance systems

The interventions introduced allowed saving 20.542 €/year and 123,5 t CO2/year.

The video is available HERE

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