Med-EcoSuRe conducts a workshop on how strategic plans are the key for an efficient energy renovation of buildings

Med-EcoSuRe conducts a workshop on how strategic plans are the key for an efficient energy renovation of buildings

25 February, 2021


MEDREC, in collaboration with the National Agency for Energy Management ( ANME), conducted a workshop on February 25, 2021 in Tunis, Tunisia.The theme of the workshop was «the Exchange of good practices in preparation of strategic plans for the renovation of university buildings in Tunisia”

The workshop included over 30 participants from The National Agency of Energy Management (ANME), the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the National Engineering Schhol of Tunis (ENIT) and socio-economic actors operating in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The primary goal was to establish synergies with projects implemented by ANME, for instance RELS, in order to implement energy management action plans in public buildings in Tunisia. 

During this technical workshop, Med-EcoSuRe team shared the recommendations drawn during the Living lab webinar organized on June 23rd 2020, on the implementation of an action plan for energy management in public buildings.

Representatives from ANME shared also their experience in implementing the project RELS (Rénovation énergétique des logements) funded under the ENI CBC MED programme 2007-2013.

Finally, a round table, moderated by Chiheb Bouden, a professor at ENIT and a member of Med-EcoSuRe project, was set up to propose jointly action plans for the implementation of energy management in university buildings in Tunisia.

Here below are number of the proposed actions in the framework of Med-EcoSuRe, and based on the experience of ANME and the the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

  • Exchange of recommendations and rehabilitation methodology for the implementation of renovation measures in public buildings ;
  • Formulation of an approach to support decision-makers and energy managers in the implementation of a strategic plan for the renovation of university / public buildings (Med-EcoSuRe decision aid tools) ;
  • Joint organization of info events and training sessions, targeting decision-makers, on the regulatory and incentive framework governing the energy audit and the energy renovation of public buildings.
  • Active engagement of  students in the renovation process, by means of comptetitions, in order to replicate the pilot actions implemented within the framework of Med-EcoSuRe.

« When energy managers wish to carryout an energy renovation of a university building, they will find benchmark, tools , strategies and case studies to replicate »

                                                                             Chiheb Bouden – Professor at the National Engineering School of Tunis

The workshop was highly appreciated by all the participants as the actions proposed will enable the decsion makers and energy managers to meet the energy efficiency objectives of the public buildings in Tunisia.


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