Consultation REFAT N°07/2020

Consultation REFAT N°07/2020

29 November, 2020

In partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries , the Mediterranean Renewable Energies Center (MEDREC), as the implementing agency of the REFAT project " Renewable Energies for Agricultural and Rural Development in Tunisia", is launching a consultation for the:

"Acquisition of electro-technical equipment and steel structures for the 11 pilot sites of the REFAT project",

to be delivered in a warehouse in Ouerdanine, governorate of Monastir. 

For companies interested in this notice, please send a request to access to the consultation file N°07/2020 from MEDREC at the following email:

The deadline for acceptance of offers is set for Monday 14th, December 2020 at 12H00. The terms of submission are explained in the consultation file.

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